Falun Dafa

Peaceful Contemplation in Trafalgar Square

Falun Dafa in Trafalgar Square

Peaceful Contemplation in Trafalgar Square

On a wet day in August I head out to London to photograph the rain.  Rain always creates amazing reflections as pavements are illuminated with light.  Never be afraid of the rain as it is just another photo opportunity!  I make my way into Central London to take a look at Trafalgar Square.  Wow – it is wet and as the rain pours I discover gentle contemplation in the centre of Trafalgar Square.  Falun Dafa followers are sitting quietly, eyes closed as the rain falls on them.  Continue reading “Falun Dafa” »

Street Photography Tips from Lou Smith

London Street Photography

Street Photography in London

Street Photography Tips

I head out to capture interesting street photography. I am often asked how this is done as novice photographers want to photograph street action as it unfolds, but are often concerned about how to go about it.  Here are a few of my best Street Photography Tips. Continue reading “Street Photography Tips from Lou Smith” »

Still Life Photography

Still Life Photography

Colourfull Still Life Photography

Today I decided to shoot some great still life photography – outdoors of course. I choose not to set up a still life subject but to find it already arranged!

Shops are great places to find arrangements of still life objects. In this china shop I found a colourful arrangement. This is a great way to shoot still life Continue reading “Still Life Photography” »

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

Portrait of Ron

June is a favourite month, warm, sunny and flowers are in bloom.  We head out to discover landscaped gardens on a warm June day.  The sweet scent of summer is everywhere and the flowers pop with colour.  We sit and rest awhile, just enjoying our escape from the busy city life of London.  We are the only people in the gardens and it is amazing Continue reading “Portrait Photography” »

Black and White Photography

The Language of Light in Black and White Photography

Black and White Photography

Dramatic Contrasts of Shadows Fall on the Tree

London has bathed in amazing sunshine over the last few days as we head into Spring, leaving Winter far behind.  This light is great for black and white photography as everything is fully illuminated and contrasts are strong.  I prefer Continue reading “Black and White Photography” »

Crisp is the Frost on the Land

Landscape Photography

Crisp is the Frost in the Forest

Another chilly December day and I head out to capture the crisp frost on the land.  Another early rise and the sun has not melted the frost, it is eerily quiet and I listen for the sound of life.  The frost on the land is silent; I hear no sound, no footsteps, only my breath as I breathe in an out.  Continue reading “Crisp is the Frost on the Land” »

Solitude in the Land

A gentle dusting of frost covers the land at the end of December. Just before Christmas and London receives zero nightime temperatures so that on waking up early, white is in the colouration of the land.  Hmm…this is the time for a morning walk with my camera. Continue reading “Solitude in the Land” »

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red

Looking back at some of the highlights of 2014 one which stands out is the amazing installation of the Poppies at the Tower of London. The last couple of weeks of this installation were a frenzy of visitors, both tourists and Brits. Everyone wanting to see it for either the last time or first time.

Poppies at the Tower of London

People stand in silence in front of the Poppies at the Tower of London

Continue reading “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red” »

Steet Photography during Chinese New Year

Street Photography during the Chinese New Year in London

Feeling the squeeze in a busy street scene during the Chinese New Year in London.  The Chinese New Year is a great event, attracting thousands of visitors and revellers to London’s Chinatown to celebrate the New Year.  Street photography is at its best during this festive event.  Feel the squeeze and really get into the scene. Continue reading “Steet Photography during Chinese New Year” »

Street Photography – What Makes a Photo Great

Street Photography – What Makes a Great Photo

Always on the lookout for a great street photography shot.  What makes a photo stand out from the rest?  In street photography this is about timing and framing.  You can be in the busiest location and suddenly you look and you see your subject.  They are there…not moving…just perfectly positioned for you to come in and get the shot.  This is all about anticipation and you are drawn towards the subject as you can already see the composition forming as Continue reading “Street Photography – What Makes a Photo Great” »