Steet Photography during Chinese New Year

Street Photography during the Chinese New Year in London

Feeling the squeeze in a busy street scene during the Chinese New Year in London.  The Chinese New Year is a great event, attracting thousands of visitors and revellers to London’s Chinatown to celebrate the New Year.  Street photography is at its best during this festive event.  Feel the squeeze and really get into the scene. Continue reading “Steet Photography during Chinese New Year” »

Street Photography – What Makes a Photo Great

Street Photography – What Makes a Great Photo

Always on the lookout for a great street photography shot.  What makes a photo stand out from the rest?  In street photography this is about timing and framing.  You can be in the busiest location and suddenly you look and you see your subject.  They are there…not moving…just perfectly positioned for you to come in and get the shot.  This is all about anticipation and you are drawn towards the subject as you can already see the composition forming as Continue reading “Street Photography – What Makes a Photo Great” »

Street Portait with Lou Smith

In this Street Portrait the subject is absolutely stunning. She is a model, arranging her make up and accessory bag. She is part of an outdoor London fashion shoot. Too good to resist!

While the photographers on the shoot debate the lighting and the pose, I decided to shoot a candid street portrait, Continue reading “Street Portait with Lou Smith” »

Beginners Photography Course

This week’s Beginners Photography Course was great. The number of attendees was small, with four participants attending. The rain earlier in the week slowed down the course enrolments, but you know the London weather – we had warm sunshine all the way. Continue reading “Beginners Photography Course” »

Poppies At Tower of London

The poppies at the Tower of London are part of an art installation in collaboration with ceramic artist Paul Cummins and theatre stage designer Tom Piper.  The installation commemorates the centenary of the First World War.  The exhibition opened 5th August 2014 and runs until 11th November 2014.  The red moat of poppies is an incredible sight.  As we near the end of the exhibition, thousands of visitors  Continue reading “Poppies At Tower of London” »

Architectural Photography Tips

A Guide to Architectural Photography

Architectural Photography Tips
London Architctural Photography by Lou Smith Fine Art

Living in a great city like London one is surrounded by amazing architecture.  The London landscape just bursts with modern buildings and historic architecture.  The London skyline is filled with architectural shapes, colours and textures.  I’m often asked how to photograph London architecture.  Here is a Guide to Photographing Architecture and how to get great shots using a few of my best tips.  Enjoy… Continue reading “Architectural Photography Tips” »

Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park is a landscape of outstanding beauty.

Photographing Dartmoor National Park

Arriving in Dartmoor National Park I parked my car and made my way up the hill side to photograph the amazing light and colour of Autumn.  Dartmoor is an area of outstanding scenic beauty for Landscape Photography.  Continue reading “Dartmoor National Park” »

Street Portraits – Tips for Fast Shooting

Street Portraits Tips for Fast Shooting

Summer is fading and Autumn is in the air.  What better time to perfect the art of street portraiture?  Walk right up and ask a total stranger if you can take their photograph to add to your street portraits’ collection. Let’s try this… Continue reading “Street Portraits – Tips for Fast Shooting” »

London Open Studios Exhibition

Lou Smith Fine Art Open Studio

APT Open Studios Weekend

Lou Smith Fine Art Open Studio

Lou Smith Fine Art Photography Opens Doors to the public during an open studio weekend

When Lou Smith Fine Art is Open

Friday 26 September | 6pm to 9pm

Saturday 27 September | 2pm to 6pm

Sunday 28 September | 2pm to 6pm

Continue reading “London Open Studios Exhibition” »

5 Perfect Gifts for Photographers

Photography Gift Ideas

Here a few of my personal favourites for perfect photography gifts for photographers… Continue reading “5 Perfect Gifts for Photographers” »