Portfolio Review is aimed at individuals who want to receive professional and creative feedback about their work.  It’s a great way to improve your photography if you do not wish to do a course, as portfolio review is specifically about your existing work.  It has additional benefits in that it  will help you to identify concepts and ways of thinking to drive your work.  Whichever stage you are at, portfolio review is an invaluable way in which to progress and develop your photography.  It will also help you to build your portfolio and access further education opportunities, should that be your personal progression route.

How Does Portfolio Review Work?

  • Upload to Dropbox 10, 15 or 20 large images for review
  • Include some information about each image,  e.g., what you were trying to achieve (optional)
  • Portfolio Review will be submitted as a PDF
  • Personal strengths and weaknesses in work will be explored with guidance on how to improve
  • Personal feedback from Lou Smith will be ready with 10-21 days depending upon how many images you want reviewed

How Much Does Portfolio Review Cost?