Autumn in Dartmoor – The Beauty of Light

Landscape Photography Dartmoor by Lou Smith Fine Art Photography

The Old Pump House in Autumn

Dartmoor is a landscape of outstanding beauty, visually vibrant at all times.  The weather is ever-changing and from day to day one can be bathed in sunshine, rain or mists.  An extreme range of weather conditions to experience and photograph.  This is one of many visits to photograph the rugged landscape of Dartmoor.  However this is my first visit in Autumn to capture the amazing oranges, reds and yellows of Autumn.  Here the Old Pump House is illuminated in warm Autumnal light – the grasses are orange too!  The sky is a deep misty blue.  Complimentary colour contrasts intensify this surreal landscape.

This photograph is taken around 16.30 when the light is at it’s softest illumination a couple of hours before sunset.  I used a polarising filter to maximise the blue sky, deepen shadows and minimise glare from the Pump House.  I love Dartmoor and this photo is one of the reasons why I photograph the Dartmoor landscape regularly.  It is wild, rugged and beautiful.  Just what I like!

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