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Street Photography


It’s another hot day and I feel I would like to stay at home dreaming.  Instead I head off to the city centre to capture stuff that dreams are made of.  I walk for a bit, just taking it all it.  The sun, the blue sky, folks milling about, the ice creams and lots of talk.  I don’t try to photograph at this point as I am exploring what is around me, what and who is in the scene.  I notice small details like what people are wearing, facial expressions and how slowly they move.  Taking too many photos at once means lots of stuff that is going to be discarded as the shot looks too arbitrary.  I walk and wait, waiting to feel the scene and become emotionally motivated to frame and shoot.

Then I see the shot…a man is lying on a large cushion asleep.  He is flat out.  His sunglasses are pushed up from his face as he is fast asleep on this warm day.  He sinks deeply into the cushion and dreams of being somewhere else…

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