London Cool Style

Today is another day in which to photograph the street. Filtered light fills the scene and enables me to see straight into store windows.  Soft light minimises light bounce which create reflections.  I explore the sense of place which I interpret as London Cool Style.

Street Photography - London Cool Style

Photographing London Cool Style

Walking in a fashionable part of London I discovered a cool shop window.  The light works well here as reflection is contained which makes framing a shot worthwhile.  The shop window looks great in black and white.  There are strong tonal contrasts which create a dynamic image.

The great thing about London is that there is always something interesting to photograph.  Today for example, I came across this cool store selling straw hats and summer jackets.  The store mixes the window design with ties and shirts to show off London Cool Style on headless mannequins.

Street photography is like this; walking, looking and discovering an interesting take.  This store really has it – smart jackets and ties and the incongruous straw hat!  Click goes my shutter and the shot is finished in black and white.  Loving London Cool Style…

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