Abstract Form

Today the sun is shining and I feel the power of the elements around me.  This time of year is when everything awakens from a long sleep.  Day light is longer and the sense of seeing lingers when light is luminous.  The air is fresh, cool on my face and the breeze drifts around me.  I like the feel of the invigoration of the day.  Everywhere around me are elements of abstraction for exploring abstract form.  This is a good day to create abstract images…

Abstract Form

The Power of Abstract Form in Photography

Abstraction and simplifying forms are powerful elements in abstract photography. Colour and light contribute to the emotional resonance of an image.  In this photograph trees are rendered in an abstract way which simplifies forms and enables lightness of colour to shine through the surface.

To create abstract images look for;

  • elements which can easily be simplified
  • colour to create emotion
  • use one dominant colour rather than a lot of different colours
  • identify the emotion to express

Today is a day about light and lightness of sensation.  This is how I conceptualise my response to the day.  I look for light, I look for colour and I find the lightness of the day in my response.  This is Feeling the Day.  No words can truly express this feeling…the image is the expression through which abstraction realises the concept.

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