Teignmouth Pier

Teignmouth Pier
Photographing the Colourful Teignmouth Pier

Teignmouth Pier on a Sunny July Day

Walking along the promenade in Teignmouth on a sunny day is just fab. The English seaside is the place to be when it is hot. London has had record breaking hot days and we always head to the coast to cool off.  I look towards the sea and discover the Pier surrounded in summer blues and turquoises.  This gives the Pier an immediate colour boost through which to frame my shot.  In the UK I am not used to seeing such colour and illumination.  Grey skies have gone and the wonderful summer blue sky is here.  Makes me want to take a dip!


Teignmouth Pier

Zooming my lens out I take in more of the Pier in my composition.  This gives a feel of the style of English piers.  The water marker in the foreground adds scale to the composition.  Wonderful complimentary colours of blue/orange and yellow dominate the scene.  The water marker fits in with the blue/turquoise colour scheme too which harmonises and softens the high pitch of seaside colours.  It’s a great day to be beside the seaside and I do like it!

The Grand Pier of Teignmouth

During the storms of 2014 the pier was damaged and there is still more work to do repairing amusements and structures which were lost.  It is now open to the public and gives wonderful views of the town and across the South Devon coast.  The pier is 152 years old and is a Victorian Grand Pier.  If you want to take a walk back in time this is the place to go.  On a sunny day like today the light gives a contemporary modern feel to the pier and its structures.

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