Colourful Doors of the Barber Shop

When you visit a town for the first time I always have a good look around to see what’s colourful in the scene.  Walking down a small side street I came across a set of colourful doors.  Doors are fantastic to photograph as the structure is made up of geometric form.  Geometric blocks are an element which adds structure to the composition.

Colourful doors

Colourful Doors of a Seaside Barber Shop

What I like about the barber’s shop is the colour which is bright and vital.  This is contrasted against the decaying paint and door on the right of the frame.  It is a traditional gent’s barber with the red and white stripes down the shop front and on the barber’s pole.  The pole represents a time when one of the services the barber offered was blood letting.  During medieval times barber’s did surgical procedures including tooth extraction.  Today of course a trip to the barber is not quite so scary!

In this photograph the feel of the seaside is captured  with the stripes on the shop front resembling stripes on seaside rock.  The geometric blocks run through the composition adding structure to the image.  There are a mixture of different block sizes which creates repeating rhythms through the image.  Stripes repeat too, both horizontally and vertically.  This adds to the textural impact of the image.  Red is harmonized through the image, with reds, pinks and peaches.  Contrasts are provided by the dark blocks in the image which aids colour saturation of the forms.

I had a great day photographing at the seaside.

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