Still Life Photography

Still Life Photography
Colourfull Still Life Photography

Today I decided to shoot some great still life photography – outdoors of course. I choose not to set up a still life subject but to find it already arranged!

Shops are great places to find arrangements of still life objects. In this china shop I found a colourful arrangement. This is a great way to shoot still life as it would be a tad expensive to buy all those shiny pots and tea cups. I can’t arrange the objects myself but I can choose how to compose the still life shot. With this in mind I take a low angel of view and set an exposure for the china. I don’t need a lot of detail in the background as I want the colours and textures to be saturated and glow in the dark. Loving this I click my shutter. Take care when photographing in china shops as everything is fragile and you may have to pay for breakages. Best to ask permission to photograph. Avoid acting like a bull in a china shop!

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