Selfies and Street Photography

Always Time for a Selfie

Selfie in the Park
Selfies and Street Photography

As smart phones became smarter, individuals became preoccupied with taking selfies on their phones, then uploading the selfie to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc.  Photographing people taking selfies has now become part of street photography.  With no exception I also photograph individuals taking selfies.  It is a rise in a preocuppation of oneself in any given location and always makes a great street shot.  During the recent fog which covered London I headed to my local park to photograph autumn colours and misty atmospheres.  As the mist thinned the sun broke through the cloud and illuminated the park in cool crisp light.  All was gently softened by the lingering thinning mist.  I framed a shot of hazy atmosphere, trees, misty passer-byes and illumination.  This guy suddenly stopped in frame and pulled out his smart phone.  He then proceeded to take a selfie.  He snapped his selfie as I pressed the shutter.  Together we both get a fab picture!

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