Macro Photography – Fragile Beauty of Flowers


Macro Photography Flowers by Lou Smith Fine Art
Macro Photography – Flowers in Close Up with Lou Smith Fine Art Photography

After the long periods of rain London has seen over the last few months, it is a relief for Summer to finally blow in.  Warm, sunny days just make those flowers sparkle!  Heading off to my local park with my favourite 100mm macro lens to capture the rich colours of Summer.  Colour pops out everywhere!  Red, oranges, blues, yellow, whites and gentle pinks all mixing with the feel good factor of Summer.  The flower beds look just great and the air is filled with the heady scent of all those vibrant flowers.

In this shot I decided to work with soft whites and magentas, and contrast them against soft focus greens.  Here the fragile beauty of the flower is seen through the paper like petals which fan and frame the rich magenta centre.  Macro photography works best with a tripod as those shallow apertures are challenging to maintain focus hand held.  But on a hot day like this I left the tripod at home and worked hand held.  Choose a day when there is no wind to blow those gorgeous flower heads around, and opt for fast shutter speeds for clarity of shot.

Looking at this photograph is proof  that the Fragile Scent of Summer is Here!

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