Walking in Light

The Flower Garden in Light

Iris Flowers Tempting Light
Light Colours of the Iris

Today the light in the Flower Garden is amazing.  I make my way through the park looking for illumination…and I come across a planting of Irises which are temptingly still in bud.  Their colours are just starting to show through their buds.  Light is illuminating the whole of their surface (more…)

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Flower Garden About to Bloom

Walking in the Flower Garden

Macro Photography
Iris Flower about to Bloom

I can’t resist the Flower Garden as the summer flowers are about to bloom.  Today the sun is shining and I know I can capture intense colours where green is greener than green!  I love the sensation of rich deep colour as flowers burst through their pods to create the most stunning blooms.  (more…)

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Summer Flowers

Summer Flowers are Ready to Bloom

Iris Summer Flower
Softness of Summer Flowers

Greenwich Park has awoken from a long sleep and is ready to burst with colour.  Summer flowers are in bud and wait for the sun to finally bloom.  The park is stirring with life and soon the air will be filled with scents.  The Iris is still in bud.  The form of the flower can just be seen as it grows from its stem.  The blue colouration of the Iris flower is just visible (more…)

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Flower Photography – The Beauty of the Rose
The Rose Garden in Summer

Flower Photography – The Beauty of the Rose

Walking In A Scented Garden with Lou Smith

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The heady scent of Summer is here and the air is filled with rose scents and perfumes.  The Rose Garden looks just great and is an ideal setting for my Canon Macro Lens.  When I work with macro lenses I always use a tripod as it is difficult to hand hold very shallow depth of fields.  Even taking a breath on a shallow aperture (more…)

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