Street Portait with Lou Smith

In this Street Portrait the subject is absolutely stunning. She is a model, arranging her make up and accessory bag. She is part of an outdoor London fashion shoot. Too good to resist!

While the photographers on the shoot debate the lighting and the pose, I decided to shoot a candid street portrait, where I am not going to ask permission to take the portrait. I like the look of the layout of the shot, with the model’s preoccupation with her accessories. To ask her to pose would create a commercial shot, whereas I want a candid shot of real life during a shoot.


Street Photography
Girl in a red dress and red lipstick. Street portrait by Lou Smith Fine Art

I love the tonal contrasts in the scene. The subject is perfect too, dark hair, red dress and lipstick. I use my favourite 40 mm prime lens. Small, unobtrusive and if she looks up, or the other photographers see me take a shot of their booked model, the lens is perceived as non-threatening.

Excellent!  I get the shot quickly and walk away.  Afterwards the processing is completed with a black and white conversion in Adobe Lightroom, leaving behind the red dress and lipstick.  Delicious.


Lou Smith is a Fine Art Photographer with over 25 years experience in the visual arts and teaches Street Photography techniques in London. If you would like to learn essential street photography skills, check out our photography courses page. See you soon.

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