Tracie Bennett as Mrs Henderson

Portrait of Tracie Bennett

tracie bennett
Tracie Bennett plays Mrs Henderson

I love my role as photography tutor to the thousands of people I have taught photography to.  I meet all skill levels of photographer with very diverse photographic interests.  During a recent street photography course I came across actress Tracie Bennett.  Tracie Bennett is currently starring in the musical Mrs Henderson at the Noel Coward Theatre in London.  (more…)

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Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography
Portrait of Ron

June is a favourite month, warm, sunny and flowers are in bloom.  We head out to discover landscaped gardens on a warm June day.  The sweet scent of summer is everywhere and the flowers pop with colour.  We sit and rest awhile, just enjoying our escape from the busy city life of London.  We are the only people in the gardens and it is amazing (more…)

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Street Portait with Lou Smith

In this Street Portrait the subject is absolutely stunning. She is a model, arranging her make up and accessory bag. She is part of an outdoor London fashion shoot. Too good to resist!

While the photographers on the shoot debate the lighting and the pose, I decided to shoot a candid street portrait, (more…)

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Portraiture : Creative Expression in Photography

Outdoor Portraiture using Natural Light
Creative Expression in Portrait Photography from Lou Smith Fine Art

The essence of great portrait photography is to capture an insight into the subject’s character, and follow through using light and composition to create an emotional impact.  Here we look right at the subject, while he ignores us by looking out of the picture space.  (more…)

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