Flower Garden About to Bloom

Walking in the Flower Garden

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Iris Flower about to Bloom

I can’t resist the Flower Garden as the summer flowers are about to bloom.  Today the sun is shining and I know I can capture intense colours where green is greener than green!  I love the sensation of rich deep colour as flowers burst through their pods to create the most stunning blooms.  Here the Iris flower shows us part of her beauty as she gets ready to reveal herself to us. Her midnight blue colour is intense as the flower pushes through the skin of the pod making herself visible to those who want to see her.  The sun shines on her leaves nurturing her beauty which is gradually being revealed.  I love this time in the flower garden as everything is shrouded in mystery as plants reveal themselves showing off their summer colours.  I will come back later to photograph the flower when she is in bloom…

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