Autumn Colours

Autumn Colours
Beautiful Autumn Colours

Autumn Colours in Greenwich Park

Leaves Take on the Colours of Autumn
Beautiful Autumn Colours Glow in Seasonal Mists

Seasons change and in the Park leaves turn golden and copper and I can see Autumn colours everywhere.  This is a season I love to photograph especially when gentle mists blow in.  Today is no exception, and as I make my way through the Park I hear leaves crunch underfoot.  It was only a few weeks ago and leaves were still green covering branches.  Now leaves fall underfoot.  It is quiet today – the mist keeps walkers away and only those who like the quiet which the mist brings are in the Park.  I make my way and come across a Japanese maple tree which has red leaves about to fall.  They hang pointing low to the ground ready to fall.  It is already cold enough to create red, red leaves against green branches.  They are beautiful as they fall and say goodbye to this year…

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