Entering Autumn

Greenwich Park at Autumn
Gateway to Autumn; all is yellow ochre, soft green and orange mists.

Today in the Park I marvel at the vibrant bursts of colour; yellows, orange, reds and light green. Autumn is underway and as I walk I see leaves falling softly as the wind blows through the trees.

I walk a fair distance and see how people interact with Autumn.  People look for chestnuts which fall on the ground as they ripen, dogs have fun in the leaves and children swing on tree branches.

I walk through the park loving the colouration of the mist which is a combination of yellow ochre, soft green and translucent orange.  I breathe in deeply and enable the ethereal atmosphere to fill my being.  I frame my shot through the vine like structure of the tree and I am invited to step through the gateway to Autumn.  I trip my shutter.  There…it is complete.


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