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Colourful Doors of the Barber Shop

When you visit a town for the first time I always have a good look around to see what’s colourful in the scene.  Walking down a small side street I came across a set of colourful doors.  Doors are fantastic to photograph as the structure is made up of geometric form.  Geometric blocks are an element which adds structure to the composition.

Colourful doors

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Abstraction in the City

Abstract Photography

Reflections Create Abstract Forms

Today in the City of London it is a day within which it is easy to chase light.  Light flows freely along the streets and reflects off the sleek surfaces of modern buildings creating alleyways of illumination.

Photography is about light and our digital sensors love light if you handle it with sensitivity.  The light today gives an opportunity to create an abstract image using London architecture as a starting point.  Continue reading »

Changing Face of London

Victorian Terrace

Contrast of the Old and the New

London is a fast moving city. The landscape and make up of this city is ever changing. Central London has had a huge development of luxury apartments and modern office space. The design of modern architecture is effortlessly sleek and I like the clean lines. Homes have also started to look like offices as clean lines are echoed throughout living spaces. Continue reading »

The Shard in Autumn

Autumn in the City

The Shard

The Shard in Autumn

The Shard looks great today, bathed in the fresh and airy light of Autumn. Cool, crisp colours are in the air!

Making my way to London to capture Autumn light in the City I find that I cannot resist yet another shot of the Shard. Continue reading »

Architectural Photography Tips

A Guide to Architectural Photography

Architectural Photography Tips
London Architctural Photography by Lou Smith Fine Art

Living in a great city like London one is surrounded by amazing architecture.  The London landscape just bursts with modern buildings and historic architecture.  The London skyline is filled with architectural shapes, colours and textures.  I’m often asked how to photograph London architecture.  Here is a Guide to Photographing Architecture and how to get great shots using a few of my best tips.  Enjoy… Continue reading »

London Architecture – The Beauty of Design

This week’s Creative Seeing Photography Course, included a practical module which explored the simplicity of form through rich and varied architectural design.  London architecture creates striking geometric shapes around the city.   Strong architectural lines dominate London’s skylines.  The beauty of design is all around us and on Saturday, a small group of photographers, led by Lou Smith explored The Beauty of Architectural Design.  To find out more about Lou Smith Fine Art Photography Courses in London just click on the highlighted link. Continue reading »

Shard Laser Light Show Illuminates London Skyline

Shard Opens with a Laser Light Show


Shard Laser Light Show

Shard Opens With Laser Light Show

The Shard opens with an amazing light show with streaming green laser lights and wows London!  Twelve lasers and thirty search lights lit up the London Skyline to celebrate the opening of the Shard.  To experience the light show you had to be close to the Shard as the impact was lost at a distance.  The Shard is currently Europe’s tallest building and the viewing platform will open to the public in February 2013.  Pricey at around £25 for adults – but tempting for a great London view!


Shard London

Shard Celebrates Opening with Laser Light Show


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Photography: Architecture

London Photography Architecture

Shadows and Light

The drama of light is a never ending pursuit in photography. Exploring a scene and looking for that, at times, elusive light source. Modern buildings are fantastic for reflecting light. Creating dramatic photographic images by exploring the impact of light, hidden, seen and not seen. Your lens sees more than you – so seek and you will find the light! This image was hand tinted in LightRoom, after converting the original photograph to black and white.

For more visit the Shadows and Light Gallery, London Photography

Photographs and content may not be used without permission.

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