Diamond Jubilee 2012 – Street Portraiture with Lou Smith

The Guys and Gals of the Diamond Jubilee 2012


Street Photography on Diamond Jubilee Day
The Guys and Gals of the Diamond Jubilee 2012

Diamond Jubilee Day 2012 – Thousands of people travelled to Central London to watch the amazing River Pageant.  Excitement in the air as crowds arrived in thousands to secure a place on the banks of the River Thames.  Heavy rain dominated the day, but no one cared.  Out came the  Union Jack hats and umbrellas – nothing could dampen the revellers spirits as they waited for the flotilla of over 1000 boats.  History in the making and thousands flocked to the river banks to watch.

Lou ran a Diamond Jubilee Creative Seeing Workshop specially for this historic event.  We were lucky to get to the river side.  This beautiful lady is adorned with Diamond Jubilee Dazzle complete with red, white and blue nails.  Her daughter’s nails are decorated with the Union Jack.  Special nails for a special day!


Diamond Jubilee 2012
Street Photography with Diamond Jubilee Dazzle


This handsome fella posed for Lou, tall and proud in his Union Jack hat.  Everyone embraced the spirit of the day and rocked with the music and the rain.  Happy to photograph and be photographed to celebrate this historic event.  Red, white and blue is everywhere!

Lou Smith is the lead creative photographer with London Photography Tours and Workshops

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