Architectural Photography Tips

A Guide to Architectural Photography

Architectural Photography Tips
London Architctural Photography by Lou Smith Fine Art

Living in a great city like London one is surrounded by amazing architecture.  The London landscape just bursts with modern buildings and historic architecture.  The London skyline is filled with architectural shapes, colours and textures.  I’m often asked how to photograph London architecture.  Here is a Guide to Photographing Architecture and how to get great shots using a few of my best tips.  Enjoy…

Architectural Photography Tips

  1. Check if you need permission to photograph a building or if any permits are required
  2. Photograph early in the morning or late afternoon when light is at its best for architectural photography
  3. Check the weather forecast before you go to ensure you know you can finish your shoot
  4. Wide angle lenses are great for creating dramatic architectural photography compositions
  5. Telephoto lenses are also great for picking out shapes and interesting details in buildings
  6. Keep the composition simple in architectural photography and look for clean lines
  7. Be sensitive to the direction of light.  Use it to its fullest advantage as illumination creates contrasts, shadows and reflections in architectural photography
  8. Let colour play an important role in compositions
  9. Use varying angles of view – remember to look right up to the top of buildings
  10. Check your shooting data prior to taking the photo and select the most appropriate aperture or speed for creative intention


Lou Smith is a Fine Art Photographer with over 25 years experience in the visual arts and delivers photography courses on location in London.  If you would like to develop your photography skills with Lou Smith, check out our photography courses page.  You can see more architectural photography by following this link.  See you soon.

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