London Architecture – The Beauty of Design

This week’s Creative Seeing Photography Course, included a practical module which explored the simplicity of form through rich and varied architectural design.  London architecture creates striking geometric shapes around the city.   Strong architectural lines dominate London’s skylines.  The beauty of design is all around us and on Saturday, a small group of photographers, led by Lou Smith explored The Beauty of Architectural Design.  To find out more about Lou Smith Fine Art Photography Courses in London just click on the highlighted link.


Photography Courses London with Lou Smith Fine Art Photography

Simplifying Shapes to Create Abstract Forms


Black and white photography creates a timeless quality to architecture and aids in simplifying forms and revealing luminous light.  Photographers love architecture as strong lines, shapes, reflections and beautiful textures draw creatives in to explore and experiment with varying ways to frame and create an image.

Top Tips for great architectural photography

  • Check your shooting data prior to taking the photo and select the most appropriate aperture or speed for creative intention
  • Be sensitive to the direction of light  – and use it  to its fullest advantage as illumination creates contrasts, shadows and reflections
  • Use varying angles of view – remember to look right up to the top of buildings
  • Keep it simple

Enjoy your photography and See you soon…

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