Steet Photography during Chinese New Year

Street Photography during the Chinese New Year in London

Feeling the squeeze in a busy street scene during the Chinese New Year in London.  The Chinese New Year is a great event, attracting thousands of visitors and revellers to London’s Chinatown to celebrate the New Year.  Street photography is at its best during this festive event.  Feel the squeeze and really get into the scene.


Street Photography in London
London Street Photography as people mill about during the Chinese New Year. Photograph by Lou Smith Fine Art

Feeling the Squeeze of the Metropolis

What I love about street photography is the way in which people are so preoccupied with the task in hand.  In this crowded street scene we see crowds of people making their way to the midday extravaganza in Trafalgar Square.  In this street photograph, people are patient just waiting to move along.  Phones are out as the crowd takes their own photos of the Big Squeeze.  The guy on the left of the frame is just chillin’ taking time to smile with his friends.  It’s always difficult using a camera in such a tightly compressed location.  Here I found an elevated place to stand by a shop.  I stood on the steps in front of the shop and managed to get out of the way of the thousands of people milling towards Trafalgar Square.  The elevated position was great as I could see over the heads of the crowd and photograph the compression in the street scene.  Pack a small camera and lens to enable you to take close shots without intrusion and just feel the Squeeze of the City.


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