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I head out to capture interesting street photography. I am often asked how this is done as novice photographers want to photograph street action as it unfolds, but are often concerned about how to go about it.  Here are a few of my best Street Photography Tips.

Use Small Camera Equipment

To capture interesting street photography use a small camera or attach a lightweight prime lens to your DSLR. I use a 40mm pancake prime lens. This lens is unobtrusive and focuses fast. It is a fast lens with a 2.8 maximum aperture.

Find Busy Locations

Choose a location which has a lot of people.  This makes finding a subject easier as there is a lot happening around you.  Don’t try to photograph it all.  Take time to absorb the scene and move closer to subjects which interest you.

Trust Your Instinct

Learn to work fast and trust your gut instinct which draws you in to a particular scenario.  Shoot quickly and surprisingly the elements in the scene will come together in your shot.

Use Continuous Drive Mode

Be ready for the scene to take a sudden change in its dynamic.  Set your camera to continuous shot so that you can fire more than one frame when the scene changes.  You can then select the best shot from the set.

Which Camera Mode To Use

This depends on your knowledge base.  You will get better shots if you are beyond Auto or Scene modes.  Prioritise shutter speed as street subjects move quickly.  For sharp shots and to freeze action shutter speed should be set around 1/320 or 1/400 or above if the light is good.  Subjects standing still can be captured at 1/250.  I aim for a fast shutter speed with an aperture value of f8.  I adjust ISO accordingly to achieve the exposure settings I prefer.

Practice Makes Perfect

Always carry your camera and have it ready.  You will never miss a great shot!

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