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Lumiere London

Lumiere London – Festival of Light

I saw a news story about Lumiere London at Kings Cross and decided to go along and photograph the illuminations.  Ron and I travelled into London on the Saturday evening.  As we made our way to Kings Cross we quickly realised that London was packed.  We changed our route as public transport was disabled between many of the sites and made our way on foot instead.  We were in for a busy evening as London bustled with crowds, who came to see this exciting event.  In fact, we had to visit again on Sunday as it was impossible to make our way through the crowds.  On the Saturday we carried a tripod to share between us as we anticipated that it would be crowded.  Wow – at some of the locations there was really no room for a tripod in the squeeze!

lumiere london

1.8 London is a beautiful Illumination in Oxford Circus

On Sunday we arrived at Oxford Circus and the area heaved with people.  So many photographers on the street photographing Lumiere London.  We had left the tripod at home and shot the whole evening hand-held.  We also packed our speedlights.  This event really pushed your camera to the max and how it handles ISO!

Keyframes Lumiere London

Dancing Stick Men Illuminate Regents Street

As we walked away from Oxford Circus we discovered Dancing Stick Men in Regent’s Street.  This is a wonderful illumination of lights which go on and off as the stick men dance!  Crowds were vast and in this shot I attached my flash gun and fired flash.  This enabled me to take a shot using 800 ISO instead of 3200-6400.  It worked well as the flash illuminated the detail of the building behind the stick men as they danced delightfully in my shot.

Luminéoles Flying High during Lumiere London

Flying Fish Captivate Everyone in Regents Street as the Luminéoles Fly Over Our Heads

We keep moving and hear the most amazing sounds.  The sounds hypnotise us and we look up to the sky and see hugh flying fish floating over our heads.  Their colours change from orange to green and sometimes purple.  We can’t stop looking up…and from the wonder of the sight I find my camera and take the shot.  Watching in wonder, smiling with the crowd, some sitting at seats at the bus stops.  Roads are closed so no traffic comes.  The crowd is vast, slowly moving along.  I am intoxicated by the event.  Somehow still using flash to reduce ISO and for clarity of shot.  I shoot a mixture of shots with flash and without.  This is a great London Event.

The Light of the Spirit

The Light of the Spirit – Lumiere at Westminster Abbey

The Light of the Spirit awakened Westminster Abbey to a loupe of changing colours which resonated with the crowd.  Here I could use the tripod and capture slow shutter to give a ghostly shadowed resonance to the audience.  Crowds filled this space to watch, photograph and be part of something happening. The photographs from Lumiere London will entice for years to come.

About Lou Smith Fine Art Photography

Lou Smith is a Fine Art Photographer with over 30 years experience in the visual arts and is a Fine Artist specialising in photography and painting. She is an experienced tutor and teaches photography in London.  If you would like to work with Lou on night photography take a look at the Night Photography Course.

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Lou Smith Fine Art

Lou Smith is a Fine Artist working in the creative mediums of photography and painting. Lou is an expert in her field and has over 25 years teaching experience. Lou Smith has shared her passion for photography with thousands of photographers from around the world.
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  1. Tony Matthews 06/03/2016 at 8:35 AM #

    Hi Lou – I came direct to your website because I wanted to thank you personally for a great day out on February 27th. I learned several very important things during that session apart from overcoming any natural resistance I have to ‘imposing’ on peoples’ space: the first is that the histogram is a very important tool indeed…I hadn’t really got to grips with it in the ‘shooting’ phase before, preferring to use it in the post-processing stage. It’s now firmly in the corner of my viewfinder at all times!
    Secondly, I learned that although the Sony A7 is a fantastic camera that takes superb quality images, it doesn’t really suit me as well as I had hoped…I had purchased it pretty much ‘on a whim’ thinking that more expensive is better, but after considered thought I’ve gone back to the olympus OM-D E-M10 mkII which suits me better and which I know my way around (and it’s smaller and less intrusive). OK I lost a bit of money in the process, but I’m so much more comfortable with the Olympus!
    Anyway, ramble over – thankyou thankyou for a great and very educational day, and perhaps we’ll meet again sometime…maybe Shoreditch later in the year?

    • Lou Smith Fine Art 07/03/2016 at 12:59 PM #

      Thank you for your feedback Tony. I am really pleased that you enjoyed the Street Photography Course with me. You definitely got some great shots that day! The Sony A7 is a camera packed with great features, especially as it is a full frame compact system camera. The issue you are having is that you are unfamiliar with it. With more practice you can become as familiar with it as your Olympus. Why not book a beginners course as a refresher with your Sony, or book directly on my website and go for a one-to-one Refreshers Course (beginners.) This will be worthwhile as the Sony is a great camera and with one to one support and practice you will become more familiar with it. If you are definitely going to stop using your Sony do book the Shoreditch and we will further develop your street photography. Hope to see you again soon. Best Regards, Lou Smith