Photographing a Misty Day

Walking in the Mist…

Mist in the Park
The Mist Rises Eerily from the Ground

I love photographing mist.  It is a time when few people are around as the damp, the wet and lack of visibility keeps them away.  For photographers it is a time of reflection as it forces us to consider absolutely what we want to photograph and how much of it we want to see in our photographs.

Misty today as I set out…visibility is down to about 15 yards.  The park is silent as I walk through taking in shapes and forms of the landscape.  I notice how my camera is wet as the mist lies on its surfaces.  I keep my lens hood on to protect the front element of the lens from getting wet.  Ron has come with me to photograph, I can just see him beyond the trees.  We will probably lose sight of each other in the mist, but will stay close within hearing.  I have packed a small whistle so that we can signal each other if we need to.  I set my camera to a high ISO as any noise echoes the nature of the misty drops of water.

Trees in Mist
A Line of Trees in the the Mist

All is quiet, all is still and seats are empty in the park today as the mist covers the landscape.  Textures are soft and disappear almost to nothing.  Here a line of trees disappear into nothing.  I make my way enjoying the calm, not minding the wet.  As my camera gets covered in mist drops I too am covered in mist.  My hair starts to curl with the damp.  Everything is organic, moving, changing with the ethereal nature of the mist in the park…

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