Summer Flowers

Summer Flowers are Ready to Bloom

Iris Summer Flower
Softness of Summer Flowers

Greenwich Park has awoken from a long sleep and is ready to burst with colour.  Summer flowers are in bud and wait for the sun to finally bloom.  The park is stirring with life and soon the air will be filled with scents.  The Iris is still in bud.  The form of the flower can just be seen as it grows from its stem.  The blue colouration of the Iris flower is just visible (more…)

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Photographing a Misty Day

Walking in the Mist…

Mist in the Park
The Mist Rises Eerily from the Ground

I love photographing mist.  It is a time when few people are around as the damp, the wet and lack of visibility keeps them away.  For photographers it is a time of reflection as it forces us to consider absolutely what we want to photograph and how much of it we want to see in our photographs.

Misty today as I set out…visibility is down to about 15 yards.  The park is silent as I walk through taking in shapes and forms of the landscape. (more…)

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Spring Has Sprung

Signs of Spring

Spring Buds
Flowering Blossom Buds Waiting to Bloom

There has been a change in the life of the Park.  Today I noticed that buds are getting ready for their time to bloom.  The Park has awakened from its winter sleep and is stirring with new life.  This is an exciting time of change and one which I eagerly await.  I love the life in the Park as she goes through her seasonal changes.  Every day has something to admire and wonder at its gentle beauty.  Here the blossom trees are getting ready to bloom, soft buds reaching up towards the light.  Already you can see (more…)

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Ancient Trees in Greenwich Park
Misty Days of Autumn

Ancient Trees in Greenwich Park

Walking Amongst Ancient Trees

photocrati galleryAncient Trees

Today in the park I came across a grassy sloping area of Old Trees. Ancient were their barks, knotted and gnarled as they grow. The trees are ancient, time has passed and they twist to find light to nurture their growth. The day has a slight mist, with light gently filtered. I walk through the wet grass and can feel the softness of the earth underfoot. (more…)

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Sculptural Form of Trees

Photographing Sculptural Forms

Today in the park I came across a grand tree which is tall in stature reaching up towards the sky.  The tree was so tall I had to tilt my head right back to admire its stretch.  The top of the tree trunk was broken, perhaps a storm or lightning strike.  I look up and admire, seeing all the branches stretching towards the light.  I love the textures of the trunk, quite gnarled in places.  This tree has been here for a long time and stands silently watching life as it passes by.  The branches and trunk are sculptural in form.  I still stop, looking up enjoying what I see. (more…)

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The Colours of Autumn

Photographing the Colours of Autumn

It was one of those days when you first head out the light is filtered and just right for getting the best colours of autumn. Arriving at the location the light changed and suddenly everything is dull and flat. Not to be put off I frame a few shots always looking up at the sky. Cloud is dense and the chance of the sun filtering through seemed for another day. I didn’t want to miss this day of photography though, as the trees still have leaves and I want to capture the colours of autumn. (more…)

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Autumn Mist

Misty Days of Autumn

Autumn Mist
Misty Days of Autumn

On looking out of my window this morning I see fog and very little else.  Ah…this will be a great day to photograph the Autumn mist in my local park.  I check the forecast and there are a good few hours of mist.  Great this will let me have a concentrated morning’s shoot with no worries.  Towards mid-day the fog will lift and lingering misty conditions will remain.  I imagine the atmosphere of my shots as I head out. (more…)

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Crisp is the Frost on the Land

Landscape Photography
Crisp is the Frost in the Forest

Another chilly December day and I head out to capture the crisp frost on the land.  Another early rise and the sun has not melted the frost, it is eerily quiet and I listen for the sound of life.  The frost on the land is silent; I hear no sound, no footsteps, only my breath as I breathe in an out.  (more…)

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Solitude in the Land

A gentle dusting of frost covers the land at the end of December. Just before Christmas and London receives zero nightime temperatures so that on waking up early, white is in the colouration of the land.  Hmm…this is the time for a morning walk with my camera. (more…)

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