Changing Face of London

Victorian Terrace
Contrast of the Old and the New

London is a fast moving city. The landscape and make up of this city is ever changing. Central London has had a huge development of luxury apartments and modern office space. The design of modern architecture is effortlessly sleek and I like the clean lines. Homes have also started to look like offices as clean lines are echoed throughout living spaces.

Standing today on the platform at London Bridge is a view I have looked at for many years. The old terraced house complete with chimney pots.  What strikes me about this view is the juxtaposition of the terraced house against the modern lines of the large offices in the background.  Textures just pop and are everywhere in the view; horizontal lines and rectangular form of bricks all define the textured space.  There is also a contrast in scale with the offices only appearing as a section in the photo.  We can immediately see the relationship of scale as the chimney pots and satellite dishes look small in contrast to the office building.   This is a surreal view of the Changing Face of London.  I see grand scale and grand Victorian architecture.  Photography is a great medium within which to document the Changing Face of London.

Today, Victorian terraces are sought after, considered to have charm and original features creating a homely feel.

Let me know of any changes you have seen to London.

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