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Fireworks London Photography

FireWorks – The Wonder of Light

Yes, it’s that time of year when all photographers turn their attention to the local fireworks display. Living in London, means endless opportunities to bag a few great shots at one of the many fireworks displays. With the words of old adds ringing in my ears, Light Up the Sky etc I made my way to the local firework display. This type of shot can be tricky if you do not understand exposure. Best to shoot in manual at 100 ISO. I set my lens to manual focus and set an aperture value of f11. Hang loose, and experiment with slow shutter speeds until you get the look you like.  Here we go!

Fireworks London Photography from Lou Smith

This shot is a crazy dance of light.  Intricate light trails of colour flood the night sky!  This is a symphony of light dancing in the sky.  Forget about the cold, hang in there and enjoy the fireworks show!  This photograph used a  4 second exposure f11, focusing manually for clarity of shot.
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Warm, red colour floods the night sky.  Stunning night photography and all for free!  Great London FireWorks Displays paying homage to the safety of Parliament after the discovery of the failed Gun Powder Plot 1605.  Parliament still stands and Guy Fawkes Night is an established tradition of celebration.  Great for photographers to practice slow, slow night trails of colourful light.
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If you didn’t get to a fireworks display on the 5th November – coming up next week, 12th November, is the Lord Mayor’s Fireworks Display.  Another London event where you can capture great firework photography over the River Thames.  Enjoy!  See you soon…

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