Occupy London Protesters at St Paul’s Cathedral

London Protesters
Occupy London Protesters outside St Paul's Cathedral

Tent City at St Paul’s Cathedral

Occupy London Protesters have set up camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral since October 15th 2011.  The protesters are from the Occupy London Stock Exchange Organisation.  Over 3,000 protesters gathered in the square outside the London Stock Exchange with the aim to occuppy it.  London police stopped that from happening and the protesters have now set up camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Occupy London Camp outside St Paul's Cathedral
Occupy London Camp outside St Paul's Cathedral busy with Activity

The demonstration is a protest about inequality and greed.  The London Occupy Protest is an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.  London demonstrators want the government to listen to people and not to bankers.  Today, 15th November, breaking news is that the Wall Street Camp in New York has been cleared.

Occupy London Protestors Peace Camp
Signs and Slogans from the Occupy London Peace Camp

The camp has divided the authorities of St Paul’s.  Dr Giles Fraser, the Head of St Paul’s resigned rather than take legal action to forcibly remove the London Protesters.  Tent City looks as though it is here to stay until the authorities agree on how to handle the situation.  Meanwhile Tent City has become part of London Life as this passer-by walks casually past the occupation.

Police in St Paul's Courtyard protect the London Stock Exchange
Police Stand on guard in front of the London Stock Exchange

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