Chasing Light in Photography Whatever The Weather !

Diamond Jubilee 2012 London Photography

The Spirit of London as Crowds Make Their Way Home in the Rain


The never ending preoccupation with the weather is a feature of living in the UK.  We talk about it all the time.  We are either too hot, cold or wet!  Whatever the weather, my photographer’s eye looks for light.  The aftermath of rain creates amazing lighting conditions.  Cast your mind back to the Thames River Pageant during the Diamond Jubilee and remember the weather – Yep! it did rain.  In this photograph crowds make their way home in the pouring rain.  This shot was taken as the crowd passed under a bridge which created pockets of light and shade.  This gives an illuminated quality to parts of the crowd, while other areas are partially lit.  The crowd slows and patiently moves forward to queue for the tube station.  Perfect!  Light and shadows creating a filmic quality to the scene.

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