London Celebrates the Colourful and Exciting Chinese New Year 2013

The Year of the Snake – Chinese New Year 2013


Chinese New Year London 2013
Colourful processions parade through London celebrating the Year of the Snake

The Chinese New Year is a fantastic display of colour.  Chinese dragons, dancers, firecrackers and music are all part of this visually rich display.  An amazing opportunity to experience this cultural event without even leaving the country!  London popped with colour and vibrant display.  The procession started in Trafalgar Square and made its way along Charing Cross Road and Shaftesbury Avenue, skirting the edges of London’s Chinatown.  People just packed the route.  Not even the wet weather dampened the enthusiasm of the crowd as they cheered as the procession passed.  Chinese Dragons just loved the crowds and playfully darted towards the crowd as they lined the streets.  The crowds loved this too and playfully roared when the Dragon darted.  Fabulous!

When I arrived there was no room at the front!  I climbed onto a balustrade and held my camera above my head and fired a few continuous shots and bagged this beauty.  The woman is extraordinarily beautiful in her richly embroidered costume of pinks and blues.  The face make up is out of this world and she parades for all to see graciously bowing as she moves along.


Chinatown London
Two men howl in Chinatown and celebrate the Chinese New Year London 2013

Chinatown was packed and the buzz was amazing.  The colour red is everywhere in London’s Chinatown.  These 2 guys howled and encouraged everyone to join in.  Our howls reverberated through Chinatown.  Next year is a must!

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