The Edge of Chinatown

Street Photography in China Town

The Edge of Chinatown


Chinatown is a heady place for photographers as it is bustling with activity and everything seems to happen at once.  Sounds, voices, people, textures, colours, shop fronts, lanterns and amazing shaped foods and smells all rush at you.  It is a real squeeze on the senses.  In locations like this I usually look for elements which are isolated from the main burst of activity.  In The Edge of Chinatown a young women looks out from a shop window, waiting to go home.  It’s only 3.00 pm and the shop closes at 4.00 am – long way to go.

In this shot I used my 50mm lens, which is just great in the low light of Winter.  No problems here as its nice and fast, quick to focus and click the shutter – job done.  The shot is complete.  I give the woman the thumbs up and she smiles as I walk away.


Street Portraiture in China Town
Looking at Me in Chinatown


Getting close again with the 50mm lens I want my subjects to look right into the camera lens.  Looking at Me in Chinatown is a street portrait in which the subject challenges the viewer with her stare.  I am only a few feet away and I know she sees me.  This is exactly what I want in this series of street photography shots, direct visual contact with the subject.

Another day is over in Chinatown.

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