Solitude in the Land

A gentle dusting of frost covers the land at the end of December. Just before Christmas and London receives zero nightime temperatures so that on waking up early, white is in the colouration of the land.  Hmm…this is the time for a morning walk with my camera.

Landscape Photography
A Light Frost Covers the Ground

Sun is shining and soon the solitude of the land will be gone as frost melts and gently disappears, leaving grass green and sharp details behind. I leave the house and make my way silently. All around me is the white quiet of the landscape. There is peace to be found in the city on an early rise. I capture the solitary tree as it overlooks the financial area of Canary Wharf and marvel at how lightly blue the sky is. I love the merging of the light blue colour against the white of the land. I take my shot and the frost melts silently away.  All is good.

Lou Smith is a Fine Art Photographer with over 30 years experience in the visual arts and is a Fine Artist specialising in photography and painting.

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