The Colours of Autumn

Photographing the Colours of Autumn

It was one of those days when you first head out the light is filtered and just right for getting the best colours of autumn. Arriving at the location the light changed and suddenly everything is dull and flat. Not to be put off I frame a few shots always looking up at the sky. Cloud is dense and the chance of the sun filtering through seemed for another day. I didn’t want to miss this day of photography though, as the trees still have leaves and I want to capture the colours of autumn.

Making my way through the park the cloud thinned and the sun filtered through. The landscape is immediately transformed by endless filtered light. I had spotted a couple of trees which were tender and gentle in their last days before winter. I go back to photograph them. They are breath-taking! Light illuminates their leaves revealing the full power of the golden colours of autumn. This is what I came to photograph.


The Colours of Autumn
The Colours of Autumn

Autumn Leaves

Excited and refreshed that the light had returned I continued my shoot.  I love the atmospheres of autumn.  Sometimes mist, sometimes showers and right now filtered light.  I find beautiful autumn colours and photograph until the cloud thickens and the light fades away and gradually disappears.  There is always something to discover at this time of year and as I make my way through the park I find another beautiful rendering of the red and bronze colours of autumn.


Colours of Autumn
Red and Bronze Colours of Autum

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