Ancient Trees in Greenwich Park

Ancient Trees in Greenwich Park
Misty Days of Autumn

Walking Amongst Ancient Trees

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Today in the park I came across a grassy sloping area of Old Trees. Ancient were their barks, knotted and gnarled as they grow. The trees are ancient, time has passed and they twist to find light to nurture their growth. The day has a slight mist, with light gently filtered. I walk through the wet grass and can feel the softness of the earth underfoot.

It is quiet in the ancient park land. I make no sound as I walk towards the trees. They continue to twist and reach towards the light. They are pointing to another time. I look to where they point and with them I can see the number of people who have walked through the park, some stopping to admire the view and others rushing home to tea. The air is filled with the sounds of time past, voices laughing, dogs barking, children playing. The branches twist and point to an era beyond my time and I become part of that time as my presence is absorbed into the time-line of the ancient trees.

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