Teignmouth Pier

Teignmouth Pier
Photographing the Colourful Teignmouth Pier

Teignmouth Pier on a Sunny July Day

Walking along the promenade in Teignmouth on a sunny day is just fab. The English seaside is the place to be when it is hot. London has had record breaking hot days and we always head to the coast to cool off.  I look towards the sea and discover the Pier surrounded in summer blues and turquoises.  This gives the Pier an immediate colour boost through which to frame my shot.  In the UK I am not used to seeing such colour and illumination.  Grey skies have gone and the wonderful summer blue sky is here.  Makes me want to take a dip! (more…)

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Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park
Dartmoor National Park is a landscape of outstanding beauty.

Photographing Dartmoor National Park

Arriving in Dartmoor National Park I parked my car and made my way up the hill side to photograph the amazing light and colour of Autumn.  Dartmoor is an area of outstanding scenic beauty for Landscape Photography.  (more…)

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Autumn in Dartmoor – The Beauty of Light

Landscape Photography Dartmoor by Lou Smith Fine Art Photography

The Old Pump House in Autumn

Dartmoor is a landscape of outstanding beauty, visually vibrant at all times.  The weather is ever-changing and from day to day one can be bathed in sunshine, rain or mists.  An extreme range of weather conditions to experience and (more…)

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Landscape Photography: Dartmoor
Dartmoor Landscape in the Morning Mist

Landscape Photography: Dartmoor

Just back from a photo shoot in Dartmoor & loved every minute of it!   Dartmoor is place of outstanding beauty, dramatic skylines, wild rugged landscape with ever changing weather…

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