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Tracie Bennett as Mrs Henderson

Portrait of Tracie Bennett

tracie bennett

Tracie Bennett plays Mrs Henderson

I love my role as photography tutor to the thousands of people I have taught photography to.  I meet all skill levels of photographer with very diverse photographic interests.  During a recent street photography course I came across actress Tracie Bennett.  Tracie Bennett is currently starring in the musical Mrs Henderson at the Noel Coward Theatre in London.  Continue reading »

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

Portrait of Ron

June is a favourite month, warm, sunny and flowers are in bloom.  We head out to discover landscaped gardens on a warm June day.  The sweet scent of summer is everywhere and the flowers pop with colour.  We sit and rest awhile, just enjoying our escape from the busy city life of London.  We are the only people in the gardens and it is amazing Continue reading »

Street Portait with Lou Smith

In this Street Portrait the subject is absolutely stunning. She is a model, arranging her make up and accessory bag. She is part of an outdoor London fashion shoot. Too good to resist!

While the photographers on the shoot debate the lighting and the pose, I decided to shoot a candid street portrait, Continue reading »

The Edge of Chinatown

Street Photography in China Town

The Edge of Chinatown


Chinatown is a heady place for photographers as it is bustling with activity and everything seems to happen at once.  Sounds, voices, people, textures, colours, shop fronts, lanterns and amazing shaped foods and smells all rush at you.  It is a real squeeze on the senses.  In locations like this I usually look for elements which are isolated from the main burst of activity.  In The Edge of Chinatown a young women looks out from a shop window, waiting to go home.  It’s only 3.00 pm and the shop closes at 4.00 am – long way to go.

In this shot I used my 50mm lens, which is just great in the low light of Winter.  No problems here as its nice and fast, quick to focus and click the shutter – job done.  The shot is complete.  I give the woman the thumbs up and she smiles as I walk away.


Street Portraiture in China Town
Looking at Me in Chinatown


Getting close again with the 50mm lens I want my subjects to look right into the camera lens.  Looking at Me in Chinatown is a street portrait in which the subject challenges the viewer with her stare.  I am only a few feet away and I know she sees me.  This is exactly what I want in this series of street photography shots, direct visual contact with the subject.

Another day is over in Chinatown.

Lou Smith is a Fine Art Photographer with over 25 years experience in the visual arts and delivers street photography workshops in London. Check out our photography courses page and learn creative street photography.

Photographs and content may not be used without permission.

© Lou Smith 2012, All Rights Reserved

Portraiture : Creative Expression in Photography

Outdoor Portraiture using Natural Light

Creative Expression in Portrait Photography from Lou Smith Fine Art

The essence of great portrait photography is to capture an insight into the subject’s character, and follow through using light and composition to create an emotional impact.  Here we look right at the subject, while he ignores us by looking out of the picture space.  Continue reading »

Diamond Jubilee 2012 – Street Portraiture with Lou Smith

The Guys and Gals of the Diamond Jubilee 2012


Street Photography on Diamond Jubilee Day
The Guys and Gals of the Diamond Jubilee 2012

Diamond Jubilee Day 2012 – Thousands of people travelled to Central London to watch the amazing River Pageant.  Excitement in the air as crowds arrived in thousands to secure a place on the banks of the River Thames.  Heavy rain dominated the day, but no one cared.  Out came the  Union Jack hats and umbrellas – nothing could dampen the revellers spirits as they waited for the flotilla of over 1000 boats.  History in the making and thousands flocked to the river banks to watch. Continue reading »

Portraiture with Lou Smith

Check out this photography workshop in London today!


Photography Workshops London Portraits

Ghazaleh Portrait by Lou Smith

Capturing the Light in Portrait Photography


Another great day of portrait photography.  The light was fantastic for this photography course – filtered light breaking through the clouds. Perfect!  To create this soft illuminated light on Ghazaleh, we directed light from a reflector to create soft illumination.  Ghazaleh is gorgeous in this shot – expressive eyes dominate the composition.  Shallow aperture for portrait photography is recommended.  This photograph of Ghazaleh was captured with an aperture value of F4.  Be brave with compositions and fill the frame!


Photography Workshops in London with Lou Smith

Glyn, Portrait by Lou Smith

Add a 50mm prime lens to your kit bag and you can achieve shallow, shallow apertures of F1.4. To capture great outdoor portraiture make your subject feel comfortable in the pose – Talk to your subject and let them know how great they look through your lens! Combine a fast shutter speed and shoot in continuous drive mode just in case your subject blinks. Don’t loose a perfect pose because of one eye closed! Shoot a few frames to ensure you capture the portrait perfectly, as seen through your camera. DSLRs and advanced compacts offer more control as to how the portrait will look. Selecting aperture manually and controlling exposure gives the portrait the look you want.

Lou Smith runs Photography Courses in London all year round.  Contact Lou for details.

Photographs and content may not be used without permission.

© Lou Smith 2011, All Rights Reserved

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