Still Life Photography

Still Life Photography
Colourfull Still Life Photography

Today I decided to shoot some great still life photography – outdoors of course. I choose not to set up a still life subject but to find it already arranged!

Shops are great places to find arrangements of still life objects. In this china shop I found a colourful arrangement. This is a great way to shoot still life (more…)

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Black and White Photography

The Language of Light in Black and White Photography

Black and White Photography
Dramatic Contrasts of Shadows Fall on the Tree

London has bathed in amazing sunshine over the last few days as we head into Spring, leaving Winter far behind.  This light is great for black and white photography as everything is fully illuminated and contrasts are strong.  I prefer (more…)

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Architectural Photography Tips

A Guide to Architectural Photography

Architectural Photography Tips
London Architctural Photography by Lou Smith Fine Art

Living in a great city like London one is surrounded by amazing architecture.  The London landscape just bursts with modern buildings and historic architecture.  The London skyline is filled with architectural shapes, colours and textures.  I’m often asked how to photograph London architecture.  Here is a Guide to Photographing Architecture and how to get great shots using a few of my best tips.  Enjoy… (more…)

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Street Photography Composition

Composition and the Urban Life

You see the shot, you fill the frame and then…..


Street Photography
Urban Photography by Lou Smith Fine Art Photographer

The location was packed, lots of people milling around – some talking, some eating taking time out from work.  In the midst of this there were 2 people, not connected, sitting separately from each other.  The crowds melt away and quietly there is an essence of isolation and foreboding in the scene. (more…)

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Flower Photography – The Beauty of the Rose
The Rose Garden in Summer

Flower Photography – The Beauty of the Rose

Walking In A Scented Garden with Lou Smith

photocrati gallery


The heady scent of Summer is here and the air is filled with rose scents and perfumes.  The Rose Garden looks just great and is an ideal setting for my Canon Macro Lens.  When I work with macro lenses I always use a tripod as it is difficult to hand hold very shallow depth of fields.  Even taking a breath on a shallow aperture (more…)

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Lazy Hazy Days of Summer Photography

Whitstable Beach Huts
Whitstable Beach Huts by Lou Smith Fine Art Photography

Summer is here at last!  The jet stream is on the move and is bringing warm, sunny weather to London.  Bring on those lazy hazy days of summer!  Rich colour is everywhere and I am photographing the colours of summer.  In my beach hut series I squeeze high key colours together to create bright, vibrant images.  Here is my sonnet in red, yellow and green.  This photograph sizzles with colour!

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